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            Address:  No.35,torch Road,High-tech Industrial Park, DaLian, China

            Postcode: 116023

            TEL:+86 0411 84504531

            FAX:+86 0411 84504461



            ?Location:Home > Quality > Quality Assurance

            ■ Research and Development (R & D)

               Our company successfully researched and developed photoelectric sludge concentration meter, ultrasonic sludge interface meter, fluorescence dissolved oxygen meter, online turbidimeter and online water quality analyzer which have advanced technology and superior performance.





             Advanced production technology , scientific management mode , rigorous process and  high-qualified staff  ensure  the quality of the products.



            Quality Management System Certification

             Our company implemented a strict quality control system and obtained ISO9001 : 2008 quality management system certification


            300-410   300-410

            Inspecting Report

            We strictly follow the relevant standard for design, manufacturing and inspection of seal products, to ensure safe, stable and reliable products.




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