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            Address:  No.35,torch Road,High-tech Industrial Park, DaLian, China

            Postcode: 116023

            TEL:+86 0411 84504531

            FAX:+86 0411 84504461



            ?Location:Home > Events > Development History

            In October 2012 Our products entered the market of Taiwan.

            In August 2012 The new sludge interface meter had been upgraded and passed the field testing.

            In March 2012 We received two computer software copyright certificates in the field of concentration and interface meter.

            In February 2012 The new water quality analyzer of  English version appeared on the market.

            In November 2011 The center of chemistry experiment was officially used.

            In August 2011 The new 100T ultrasonic sludge interface meter was produced in bulk.

            In June 2011 The eighth anniversary of the establishment of Flow electronic(DALIAN)CO.,LTD was celebrated.

            In April 2011 The FM-100  ultrasonic level meter passed the testing.

            In April 2011  The new electrochemical measurer appeared on the market .

            In March 2011  Our company officially opened the unified national service hotline:400-0120-800.

            In January 2011 Our company was named as "the most growth enterprises of Dalian high-tech business incubators ".

            In April 2009 The sludge concentration meter were exported to South Korea and Singapore.

            In October 2008 Our productions had entered in the market of South Korea for the third year.


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