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            Address:  No.35,torch Road,High-tech Industrial Park, DaLian, China

            Postcode: 116023

            TEL:+86 0411 84504531

            FAX:+86 0411 84504461



            ?Location:Home > Products > Laboratory instruments > ?List

            • YC2200  COD detector
            • YC2200 COD detector Potassium dichromate method, with fast, accurate, low test cost, low energy consumption, simple operation. ?Size:210×120×150mm ; ?Weight:
            • YC2100  Portable  COD detector
            • YC2100 Portable COD detector Spectral optical stability is excellent, almost no interference by a variety of light; using PID automatic control digestion temperature, high precision temperature control, easy to operate; liquid crystal display, Chinese menu ... ?Size:470×300×210mm ; ?Weight:
            • YS1010 Digestion Device
            • YS1010 Digestion Device A wide range of parameter settings: digestion temperature, timing adjustment can range freely adjust, suitable for a variety of parameters measuring digestion; Chinese: Chinese LCD display, user-friendly menu design, easy to use, the operator can quickly ?Size:230×210×145mm ; ?Weight:


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