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            Address:  No.35,torch Road,High-tech Industrial Park, DaLian, China

            Postcode: 116023

            TEL:+86 0411 84504531

            FAX:+86 0411 84504461



            ?Location:Home > Repair > Repair Instructions

                When the product can not be used normally because of faults or accidental causes  , we suggest that you should suspend the working equipment,  check the reasons carefully, or get in touch with us or our dealers and get repair guide. And you can not continue to use ,until the faults are removed. In this process we do not advocate that the users attempt to disassemble the product, because it may affect the rights of normal warranty.

                If the faults are not removed, the product need to be send to our company and be repaired.

                We can understand that the product send to us may affect your current jobs, so we will try to accelerate the process of the repair. we also hope that you can send a repair request and the description of the faults to us, if possible, you can also attach the relevant pictures, so that we can make proper preparations in advance and complete the repair more rapidly.

                When we both confirm the details of the repair, the possible costs and the transportation program , you can arrange to send the product to us. After you send the goods, you shoud send the transportation information to us by email, so that we can keep track of your goods.

                It usually takes 3-5 days to repair, perhaps less. In the process, the users can send us emails to understand the state of the repair.

                Tel: 400-0120-800 (9:00am-5:00pm on Monday to Friday, Beijing Time )

                Fax: +86-411-84504461

                Email: info@dlflow.com



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